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Apr 23, 2023 · In both of my OPNsense locations I see local DNS from clients work as well as from as the OPNsense Interfaces: Diagnostics: DNS Lookup tool. Connect the ISP modem ONT/WAN port (may be marked in red) to the NIC on the firewall which will be the MODEM interface.
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  • I do, however, want to allow a mobile device (static IP) and pc (static ip) to access youtube unrestricted.
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    Allow any rule (you could make this restrictive to only.

  • Step 1 - Creating an alias for an external blocklist.
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    So, I just installed and configured OPNsense and have Zen Armor running on all LAN ports.

  • the firewall).
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    Surely you could configure either pfSense or OPNsense to do this--LAN interface only, disable DHCP, then configure DNS there as desired.

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    With this module you are able to.

  • Destination Port Range.
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    Unbound - allow youtube for a few hosts.

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