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. Mule – A ‘jack’ (male donkey) and a ‘mare’ (female horse) when crossbred, produce a ‘mule’.
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  • I know that, in real life, mules and donkeys have differences (after all, a mule is half-horse !), but I could only find game statistics on mules, not donkeys, for 5E.
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  • Horses are taller than mules, donkeys and ponies; A horse's speed and how easy they are to train is largely determined by their breed.
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  • There are a few key differences between ponies donkeys and mules that are important to note.
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    Mules are sterile while donkeys can reproduce normally.

  • Mule – A ‘jack’ (male donkey) and a ‘mare’ (female horse) when crossbred, produce a ‘mule’.
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    It has a strong bite, forward-facing ears, a mane like a horse does, and the same overall body shape.

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    As nouns the difference between mule and pony is that mule is a generally sterile male.